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Bubbleworks Behind The Scenes

Chessington World Of Adventures

Join Professor Burp as he takes you on an extra special tour of his factory one last time before it pops for the final time on Tuesday 5th September 2016. Back from his retirement Burp is back on an adventure, at the cost of £35 per person the tour must be pre booked as spaces are limited. 

Starting you adventure with a blast from the past in the Education Centre, the park laid on a series of photos from Professor Burps Bubbleworks. A few original props that were used inside the ride such as the original office window sign from the first scene of the ride where put out for us to see.   

Other items dotted around the education centre was a wheel from the lift hill mechanism, a sound card that used to play music around the ride, mangos from the ride which smelt like real mangos! Permanently stained from the smell pots used inside the attraction. Also exclusive to the Bye Bye Bubbleworks VIP Tour is an auction for the original Bubbleworks sign. The auction for the sign is silent so no one will know how much its currently being sold for!

Remember the secret formula… Juice + Gas = Pop! Auf Wiedersehen

You spend around 45 minutes in the education centre perusing the old memorabilia whilst Bubbleworks music plays in the background. Located in the middle of the room Chessington have got a Bubblehead where you can take selfies and photos of the little worker. One thing Professor Burp said about the bubbleheads we never knew was the figures are the original ones from the old ride but the heads had been replaced! At some points in the ride helmets have been put on old ones! So if you’ve been lucky enough to win one of them in the auction you’ve got something unique from both the old and new Bubbleworks. 

Once the queue had run down from the day your walked over to Bubbleworks for the last ride of the day. Walking from the education centre to the ride is quite an experience! It’s not every day that you have professor burp back from retirement wondering around the park. Of course, he was letting other guests know who he was whilst walking around. Stopping for photos with his fans and reciting quotes from the ride like remember the secret formula. “Juice + Gas = Pop!”

Once at Bubbleworks it was time to be on the last ride of the day and the tour around the iconic factory now taken over by the ducks. With Professor Burp leading the way the tour was fun and very informative! Even revealing some facts that not even we knew about the ride.  

Over the past 26 years, Bubbleworks has taken many guests on a journey through some kind of a factory tour! From the old fizzy pop factory to the current version of the Bubbleworks featuring Imperial Leather ducks. The ride has been something very magical and helped put Chessington on the map back in the day. With the ride under “new management” from next year we hope the ride will continue to put smiles on family faces and still remain original. Bubbleworks has finally popped its last Bubble!