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Carnival Arena

Thorpe Park

Located around the Carnival area are a few pop-up stands, a magic show and a fortune teller who can look into your future and give you warnings about who you might encounter during your visit. However, be warned you might see something you can't unsee like a card with Bozo on it. We also hear that "The Eye" is always watching you. We really like how the park has managed to design cards around events around the park during the year and some of the acts like The Flossers also have their own themed card. Over at the magic show, be amazed as the highly skilled magician can read your card, put a sword through someone's neck and make three bits of rope magically turn into one! Of course, all of this pop-up entertainment is completely free and included in your ticket price. 

Although they don’t make a sound, you can’t miss the mimes - they are everywhere! Filled with talented dance moves, driving a pretend car and some classic miming, the mimes are a key part of the carnival. Make sure you get them to film a Tiktok for you. 

Another great character on the line up is the Balloon Master, creating fabulous balloon art for you to keep and take around the park - he’s also a pretty good rapper too. 

The whole event is filled with such wonderful entertainment and the staff are fantastic. Really taking on their roles and will get you involved however shy you are, getting you into the Carnival spirit.