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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Alton Towers
2006 - 2015

Before budget cuts hit Alton Towers after the accident on the smiler Charlie and the Chocolate Factory took guests on a tour of the famous Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Begging your tour in the briefing room you where introduced to the main characters of the film. Charlie, Mike, Augustus, Violet and Veruca Salt. Following the films one by one the children would make a mistake and disobey one of Mr Wonka’s rules. End up falling in the chocolate pit being sucked up a tube or touching a squirrel…

Waiting for more groups to catch up with you, you would wait in the TV room where you would watch tv adverts and then watch Mike Teevee shrink himself down to the size of a small chocolate bar.  The ride ended the same way the film did. In a great glass elevator! In your large group you would enter the simulator and go up up and out. 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory wasn't the best ride but it filed a spot and was always good for a sit down for a bit.