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Clawsome Krewe

Chessington World Of Adventures
2022 - 2023

Be careful this Krewe has claws, Clawsome Krewe is located at the entrance of Wild Asia and is themed around Tigers. Dressed in tiger print outfits, Krewe members dance around a tower with a tiger's head stuck on the front of it. At the end of the performance, the Krewe members invite guests up to the front and teach them parts of the dance. In slow but simple steps you will be dancing like a pro in no time! 

As with a few of the Krewes at Chessington an actor can climb to the top of the theming structure and coordinate the dance routine. But where this Krewe differs from others is that one of the performers has a device which has two coloured smoke cannons, which when activated and spun around created stunning patterns in the wind. In the right conditions, you can get amazing photos and videos. 

As with all of the Krewes, the Clawsome Krewe had so much energy and amazing costumes and makeup.