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Colossus Behind The Scenes

Thorpe Park

Walking to the top of Colossus at Thorpe Park used to be part of a behind the scenes and VIP package guests could pay for. Costing £50 per person per experience you could walk to the top of the rides lift hill with breathtaking views of the park. Luckily during our experience, the sun was setting making it even more beautiful! Our tour took place the year that Derren Browns Ghost train was being built. 

Before the lift hill walk began, we got shown around the operator's cabin, shown the control panel and told some cool facts about the ride. Interestingly, the control panel has the words close restraints spelt wrong on it and has been spelt wrong since the ride was installed. Harnessed up you climb to the top of the lift hill with your VIP experience hosts. 

Walking to the top of the rides lift hill was no easy job, it might not look that step on videos and when your riding Colossus, but climbing up 30 meters can be tiring! However, the view, once you get to the top, is worth it! Take in the beautiful view of Thorpe Park Resort and an island like no other.