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Thorpe Park
2015 - 2019

Face your fears and make the ultimate timed escape from each locked room in CONTAINMENT, at Thorpe Park Resort.

Working in groups, you’ll be locked inside four frightening rooms inspired by some of the UK’s worst nightmares. Your task: find the antidote to a fast-spreading infection beyond Swarm Island. Achieve this by breaking the codes and making your way through each chilling challenge. But remember: you’ve got just 20 minutes to escape the facility and re-enter the theme park, so there’s no time to waste panicking. This is no team building escape game… this is an escape room nightmare! 

CONTAINMENT features four locked rooms. But unlike sparkly tv escape room games, this is real life... in captivity. Your grand prize will be to survive!

Each scary escape room challenge will prey on your deepest, darkest fears. It can be difficult to concentrate on solving puzzles with blood gushing all around. What else do you fear? The dentist’s chair? Being buried alive in a deep hole underground? Maybe your biggest fear is your algebra homework?! Whatever you’re afraid of, this Halloween escape room at Thorpe Park promises to get your heart racing… 

Please note that the CONTAINMENT horror escape room will require an additional ticket, alongside your entry ticket for FRIGHT NIGHTS. Every ticket will feature a timed entry slot for the escape challenge. Tickets will be available soon online and, for £10 per person (or £8 for Merlin Annual Pass holders).

Take on the CONTAINMENT escape room this Halloween!