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Cred Street

Alton Towers
1997 - 2008

This area of the park was formed in 1981 and prior to 1997 it was known as Talbot Street and was focused around its stunning motor museum which showcased a large variety of classic cars. Not only did Talbot Street offer a collection of antique cars, but there was a Dolls Exhibition which boasted a large collection of antique dolls. The area was also home to the Talbot Theatre which we now know as the Cred Street Theatre. In the eighties the area held a giant snakes and ladders board which was used in the children's TV program "Hold Tight". Talbot Street had a wide range of rides come and go as the area, and areas around it, developed. Its most well known attraction was probably Around the World in 80 Days which has since been refurbished into Toyland Tours and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory: The Ride.