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Creek Freaks Unchained

Thorpe Park
2020 - 2022

How much wood would a wood chop chop if a wood chop could chop YOU? The Freaks of the Creek have hacked their way out of the Creek Woods Saw Mill and are wreaking havoc on the town. Tread carefully past the deranged family of lumberjacks lest you find yourself chugging gasoline fumes on the wrong end of a chainsaw! Brace yourself and prepare for the gruesome worst as you take on the chainsaw massacre madness of Creek Freaks Unchained.

This scare zone is open from 3pm, located in Old Town.


Time to be reunited with the Buckwheats at Creek Freaks Unchained.  The whole family is back in full force, encouraging visitors to take the pledge to become an “honononoary Buckwheat” and join their family. Although this scarezone is very similar to last year, it introduces the maze well and is a great taste to see what is going to come. A highlight was playing scrabble with Ma and Pa! 


Roaming around the park and causing havoc, the Creek Freaks have been unchained and they aren't happy about project Exodus (the Buckwheats aren't very good at words, so they pronounce it Exomobus) and losing their sawmill. Unhinged and ready to put up a fight, they've taken over the new parade float and gave it a true Buckwheat Creek Freaks Unchained makeover, complete with tartan drapes, and bones and filed it with lots of energy. If you are lucky you might even hear them sing around the park. We've only bumped into them a few times and whenever we did they've been terrifying! It's great to see this scare zone return for its final year, it works so well roaming around the park, but we would love to see them turn up outside Creek Freak at set times. Almost like a breakout to mark the opening of the maze each afternoon.