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Creepy Caves Elimination

Chessington World Of Adventures

Returning for its final year, Creepy Caves Elimination is about to get blow up! The Angel Fire Plant has mutated and is engulfing Creepy Caves and there's only one way to get rid of it... explosives! 

The storyline for the attraction remains similar to previous years with the layout returned to the original entrance and exit of when the maze first opened. Entering via the spiral staircase you are plunged into darkness ready for decontamination. DR Burk is no more, his son/daughter now brief you about the angel fire plant saying that people knew it could turn you into "flesh-eating monsters". Dr Burk was betrayed, he and his colleagues were left as lab rats! The plant thrives off of fire, there's only one way to destroy it, watch your back. It's time to finish it off one final time. 

Creepy Caves Elimination has been a really clever scare maze and concept over the past few years. There's been a few versions of the story as time has progressed but we are ready to say goodbye and see what the park can dream up next! For a scare zone at Chessington, Creepy Caves has always had amazing jump scares and interactions. Plunged into darkness for most of the attraction and it's unlike anything we've ever seen at a family theme park before! Creepy Caves... you will be missed! If you are not ready to say goodbye yet, we would advise you to book on to one of the VIP After Dark Experiences.