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Derren Browns Ghost Train Rise Of The Demon

Thorpe Park
2016 - 2021

Step aboard Derren Browns Ghost Train and prepare for a journey like no other! You’re journey begins the moment you step inside the queue line. Twisting in and around the building you enter two decontamination zones. Data blast and infection check. In these areas, you have you photo taken in two unique ways. One a 3D scan of your face in a jar and the other a group shot of you and your group against 4 different backgrounds. 

Whilst queuing for the attraction, your notice posters on the walls of the queue line with slogans such as “The Money Tastes Funny” and “Fracking is bad” you might not release it yet but these posters play a circuital part in the ride. 

Once your time has come, you enter the building and meet Derren Brown himself! Where you learn, this isn’t an ordinary ghost train… Coming face to face with a Victorian carriage suspended 4 meters in the air by nothing more than chains! Nothing is as it seems on board the ghost train. You will be left thinking what’s real and what’s fake for a whole 12-15 minutes. Will you make it out alive? 

“This is the ghost train reimagined… This is my ghost train” - Derren Brown