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Duel The Haunted House Strikes Back

Alton Towers
2002 - 2022

Opening in its original form in 1992, The Haunted House was the first (and only) ghost train in the UK built on a professional scale. With scary scenery such as a giant with grabbing fingers, an exploding skeleton on a toilet and a cinematic finale through a slimy swamp, the Haunted House was a loud, fast paced experience that border lined on extremely scary for some.

Alas, the passive experience led to numbers of riders dwindling. In response, Alton Towers added laser blasters to the church pew carriages, a legion of zombies and several thousand blinking targets. The ride became Duel- The Haunted House Strikes Back in 2003.

Journey through the abode of Dr. Nicholas Roodyn, a genetic surgeon whose toying with dead bodies has resulted in an onslaught of undead beings. On foot, walk past sinister paintings, a haunted dolls house and other oddities of the occult before boarding your church pew and journeying into a hidden part of the house which is more reminiscent of a Gothic dungeon than a home. Past giant spiders, shrieking banshees and a meddling Skeleton Butler with an interest in electrics...