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Forbidden Valley Krewe

Alton Towers
2021 - 2023
Mardi Gras

Located in Forbidden Valley a dangerous krewe has taken to the streets to dance away the curse of Nemesis. Equipt with Weva42 and Mav-1n a huge new piece of theming has been installed which contains a spark machine behind it, for when the party really begins to kick-off! The costumes for the dancers in this krewe are cool and fit in well, especially the headpiece, the amount of detail that went into creating it is amazing! 



The Forbidden Valley Krewe are back for 2022 and are on the lookout for new recruits to join the party. Based at the top of the valley, in the huge Marvan vehicle, you'll be lured into dancing with the creatures of the valley as you walk past. As with the other krewes around the park, more people have been added into the krewe which makes a huge difference, last year we felt like the area was lacking in actors compared to the others. The location of the Forbidden Valley crew is perfect and catches almost everyone when walking through the area. It's just a shame the special effect (the spark machine) was removed for this year. We would love to see each krewe to have its own special effect or something unique.