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Freak Show: Toxic Junkyard

Alton Towers
2020 - 2021
Halloween Attraction

Freak Show: Toxic Junkyard promises to get pulses racing as it joins the award-winning line up of live action scare mazes for thrillseekers. An outdoor maze, it will invite the foolhardy to venture into the Freak Show hidden den to discover the secret of the psycho clowns’ next big show.


Toxic Junkyard was a maze designed for social distancing in 2020 but this year with the restrictions lifted the mazes is more confined, windy and more enclosed to make it darker during the day. The biggest change is that half of the maze is now undercover with some sections towards the end even raised up on the floor to stop it from becoming waterlogged in the rain. The theming remains the same as last year with a few changes through the experience, we had two run-throughs of the attraction during the first two days of Scarefest our first felt a little disappointing due to the group size however the actors on chainsaws at the end really worked the space, making sure everyone in the group had some interaction. At one point we had a chainsaw in front of our faces! Our second run-through of Toxic Junkyard was incredible, walking through as a group of 3 you get every jump scare and interaction, it did feel like there was more staff on the Saturday than compared to the Friday. Overall again a solid maze but it could be longer, with very cool costumes and makeup used throughout.