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Garden Lights Walk: Whispering Souls

Alton Towers
2020 - 2022

This Scarefest come to Alton Towers Resort and enjoy the Gardens as never before and witness them come to life in a whole new spooktacular…LIGHT! With luscious stretching lawns, vibrant beds and conservatory areas, Alton Towers Resort Gardens are well worth a visit in the daylight but wait till darkness falls and get ready to take the most otherworldly stroll of your life, but beware! A mysterious energy runs through the Gardens’ water; around here people say it brings lost souls back from the dead for all Hallows’ Eve… hear that whisper? Who knows you might have phant…astical company on the way!



Explore the magical gardens of Alton Towers at night with hundreds of multicoloured lights everywhere. Not all of the gardens are open as part of this experience but we think you get to see just the right amount without getting bored. And it's free! In the future, we would love this to expand and go all the way down to the pagoda. It's hard to think of Scarefest without this now.