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London Dungeons Tooley Street

London Dungeon
1974 - 2013

Before being based at County Hall on the bank of the River Themes near the London Eye, the London Dungeons was located at Tooley Street. Located in old tunnels and archways the old dungeons had a unique smell and atmosphere that cant be recreated no matter how hard you try! 

Compared to the new London Dungeons the old ones at Tooley Street will forever hold a special place. Not just because it was our first but because everything was cramped and felt like an actual Dungeon. From trains passing overhead and water dripping down your back everything, inside was stunning and so well-timed. 

Space was always an issue at Tooley Street with attractions coming and going to make way for new experiences. Vengeance 4D was one ride that not many people will remember before it got removed and lost forever. 

London Dungeons Tooley Street closed on 31 January 2013 and reopened at South Bank on 1st March 2013. Since moving locations the experience has dramatically grown in size and the dungeons brand continues to expand across the world.