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Mr Bloom's Allotment

Alton Towers
2014 - 2021

Aimed at the younger children, Mr. Bloom's allotment brings children to favourite fruit and veg to life. The adventure begins in the queue line, you find yourself queueing between plants with information labels dotted around the place as to what they are.

Mr. Bloom has gone on holiday and has left his neighbour Mr. Blossom in charge, however, Mr. Blossom cannot do it by himself and needs some help!

The interactive experience is split into two sections, the first being an outdoor scene where you see Mr. Bloom himself via a Live feed on his holiday. The compost machine needs to be filled before going into the allotment so the helpers need to find different vegetable tokens throughout the allotment.

Once the compost machine has been fed, it is time to meet the veggies inside the shed, the indoor section features interacting with the veggies themselves.