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Mutiny Bay Krewe

Alton Towers
2021 - 2023

Submerse yourself in the washed-up Mutiny Bay Krewe, full of crabs, fish and beautiful mermaids! Located at the entrance to Mutiny Bay, this flash mob brought the fun of the sea to the shores of Mutiny Bay. With more families travelling through this area with younger adventures, we found this area getting busier than the other krewes. Again the costumes in this area were beautiful and the huge new centrepiece was stunning and could have always been there. For those that got too close to it, you might have been squirted by one of the sea creatures! This was one of the areas that we noticed that the makeup was more creative and inspired by the area, rather than glitter and bolder colours. 



Back to sail the seas for another year, the Mutiny Bay Krewe have washed up ashore and are entertaining land lovers with the Fish Wizard. Full of dancing, glitter and fun music, this is and always will be our favoured krewe of them all at Alton Towers. This year the krewe has received more actors, which means we've been able to see other characters added to the krewe such as a jellyfish. With lots of families and guests passing through this area every day, it's the perfect location for a krewe with lots of guest interactions. Be careful the crab doesn't get you wet when passing through the area, he doesn't like those that don't join in and dance!