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Alton Towers
1994 - 2022

Nemesis is the most intense rollercoaster in the park offering riders that dare approach it a ride from hell and back. The ride is themed around a alien which was disturbed during routine maintenance work which was then pinned down with metal to protect the alton towers resort by the phalanx security team. 

Its the story of the beat which keeps the ride alive and makes the ride experience two times more powerful as you roll over the ride station and experience GeForces of up to 3.5 along with stall turns, barrel rolls and loops along the journey. Due to the rides location most of the ride is low down meaning the first time you properly see it is when join the queue or walk around the plaza. 

Climbing to the height of 66ft the ride lasts a duration of 2 minutes and 55 seconds with a top speed of 50 mph! When ride consultant John Wardley was looking into Alton Towers next big rollercoaster he was met with a few problems such as the building height limit at the resort! Due to Alton Towers location he wasn't able to build above the tree line meaning there was only one answer, dig down and put Nemesis which was code named SW3 at the time in a pit creating the perfect storyline for Nemesis.