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Original Nemesis Sub Terra

Alton Towers
2012 - 2015

Nemesis Sub Terra was an ‘intense’ dark ride with a difference located in Forbidden Valley at Alton Towers. For those that never rode Sub Terra V1 or V2. Not much changed. You would enter the base and be played a video about some explorers discovering the nemesis egg and how they where put to work to contain the creature. Hence… nemesis next door. The story went they had made one of the eggs safe for viewing. You would then go down to the observation deck and sit on a drop ride. Where when your viewing ‘went wrong’ you would drop into darkness. To find yet more nemesis eggs down below. Slowly going back up to the top you would find the egg had hatched. With army people shouting to get back in the lifts. Guests would run for their lives. 

In V1 of the ride that would then be the end of the ride. Once your back to the top you would collect your bags and exit the attraction. However two months into the ride being open the park shut the ride and put a shipping container on the end of the ride. With a scare maze stuck at the end the attraction felt more complete.