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Platform 15 End Of The Line BTS

Thorpe Park
2016 - 2021

Platform 15: End Of The Line, since being installed in 2016 the maze has seen some big changes.  From the route you take through the maze being reversed, new theming elements installed such as the creepy cottage house halfway through and multiple different entrances and endings to the maze, the maze has been a Fright Nights staple. Let's hope the conductor has finally found peace! 

To signal the end of Platform 15 the maze has received a new name for its final year 2021. Platform 15: End Of The Line.

Starting off at the entrance to the maze, we walked through the long black tunnel that shields guests from Saw The Ride and any items that could be dropped by people on the ride. Fun fact, if needed this tunnel can be collapsed into itself to allow for emergency access to Saw The Ride or any maintenance tasks. New for 2021, more theming was added to the side of the banks, children could be seen winging on a swing and playing on a seesaw. Taking the route that the old Canada Creek Railway took, the maze lasts for around 10 minutes, walking next to the old Loggers Leap track and lift hill at multiple points. 

When talking to our VIP host, the fence huge fences towards the end of the attraction that actors hit and kick to create jump scares have had to be replaced multiple times since it was first installed due to damage. It might be the attractions last year, but the floor in the creepy cottage has also been replaced for 2021. Some new props can also be seen in the cottage, don't be fooled into thinking the cakes look nice, they seem to be made of concrete! A quick glimpse into the old train shed where the old Canada Creek Railway trains were stored shows that after the attraction was closed in 2011 the trains still remain in the shed untouched. 

The biggest bit of theming for Platform 15 has always been the old Canada Creek Railway train. In 2020 the front of the train was pushed onto its side to create more of an obstacle and to give actors another location to scare guests. The first carriage of the train was also slightly moved to create a diversion.

Since the train was first used in 2016, more black paint has been added to create the effect of tar exploding over the train. Looking back at photos of what the maze first looked like the train looks completely different. 

Other interesting facts about the maze include the lights towards the end of the maze, these were actually used as part of the Canada Creek Railway. The fake train, that flashes a bright white light at the new ending of the maze, has the front of one of the CCR trains and the shell of an even older train behind it. And you end the maze at the old CCR train station, the words please mind the gap has been painted on the station platform for years. 

Platform 15: End of the Line has finally met its death. And might soon be replaced by a new rollercoaster code-named Project Exodus.