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Rameses Revenge

Chessington World Of Adventures
1995 - 2019

Rameses Revenge was a white knuckle flat ride, located in the Forbidden Kingdom at Chessington World of Adventures. One of the first and lasts of its kind in the UK, Rameses Revenge was the worlds first Top Spin to include water effects. Spraying guests in the middle of the gondola with water, throughout the experience. 

Programed with up to 6 sequences and a manual mode, the ride mostly operated in 2 modes during its lifetime. The ride consisted of an easier ride cycle to start with, including a break for guests to get off if the ride was too intense. The second half of the ride involved spins and a more intense ride cycle. In the last few years of operation, the ride only did one sequence with guests on. 

Rameses Revenge was a true classic and will be thoroughly missed.