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Stompede Krewe

Chessington World Of Adventures
2022 - 2023

Storm into the wild and become one of the pride in the Stompede Krewe, located next to the entrance to Rattlesnake. Don't be fooled by the black and white stripes this krewe means business; dancing, drumming and chanting this krewe is full of high energy dancing and amazing music. 

Dressed in Zebra jumpsuits with Zebra inspired makeup, this krewe in our opinion has the best costumes. As with the Clawsome Krewe at the end of the performance, guests are invited to learn sections of the dance routine and if you are lucky, even play one of the drums from the performance. The Stompede Krewe was amazing but we wish there were some special effects like the Clawsome Krewe to complete it -  maybe a fire effect in time to them beating the drums?