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The Attic: Terror of the Towers

Alton Towers
2019 - 2021

Around here, people talk of the Governess – how she’s haunted by the death of her young charges, how she wants revenge, and how she’ll take it by seizing the spirits of the living in retribution. They say her ghost haunts The Attic...


Returning to this year's lineup, The Attic: Terror Of The Towers remains a strong maze.  Due to batch sizes and the position of us in our group, we felt like the maze was lacking in actor numbers this year. When chatting to friends about the maze we all said the same thing, where was the demon? A big part of the storyline is that you're getting chased by an evil demon towards the end and when you don't see him you miss a big part of the story. We have always said this maze can be hit and miss, this year the maze still remains that. The set pieces are amazing and we did spot. some changes such as the evil dolls having red eyes.