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The Swarm Behind The Scenes

Thorpe Park

After the park had closed for the day we headed over to The Swarm and were greeted by our V.I.P host who took us into the Swarm workshop quickly to see the second train put into the maintenance bay. Whilst inside the workshop we asked the engineer about turning the trains backwards and he said that B&M knew about it despite the rumours going around that Thorpe Park did it without them knowing. B&M had to make new chassis for the back two rows but everything was fitted in the Swarm workshop. 

We then went into the Swarm console room and got harnessed up. Everyone that walks up The Swarm and Colossus’ lift hill must wear a harness, the only exception is Nemesis Inferno due to the gradient of the lift hill. Once harnessed up we were allowed to wander around the station quickly to take a few photos and were then shown how to use the climbing gear. Walking up the lift was easier than walking down. When walking up the lift hill, you didn't look down however due to the steps being see-through, walking down was interesting. 

It took us around 8 minutes to walk up the lift hill however there are 185 steps! Once at the top we had around 15 minutes to look around and take photos. Our V.I.P host was pointing our viewpoints such as the Wembley Stadium hoop, Heathrow airport control and Windsor Castle. When on the ride you don't get enough time up there to realise how far you can see. Not forgetting once at the top you get a great view of the park!