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The Witches of Adventure Point

Chessington World Of Adventures

The Witches of Adventure Point for another year of conjuring up spells and tyring to ruin Halloween at Chessington. However this year a new brave group of Witches are on hand to save the day and reverse the spell and make the witches and their group of evil minions fall into a deep spell and when they wake become afraid at the sight of children and skeletons. 

This year's opening and closing shows were really well put together and it makes for a great start to the event! The costumes, songs and dances were so sharp and fun to watch. Management at Chessington really knows how to put on a show. The only issue we had when watching the opening show was there were a lot of people standing where the show was going to take place and it wasn't until the show had started that actors started to move in and move guests so they could sing and dance. 

Pansy & Pentunias Postions

Strengthening their spells The Good Witches of Adventure Point perform a show during the day singing and crafting up new and exciting potions to protect Chessington World of Adventures.