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Thorpe Park
2021 - 2023

For maniacal movie maestros, get ready for the ultimate slasher as you enter BRAND NEW horror maze experience, Trailers! The good news? Cinemas are back. The bad? You might not make it through the Trailers. Witness the power of film come to life this Halloween at SuperSpark Cinema – a picture house with a shocking reputation. From demonic monsters to killer clowns, no fear will go unmissed as you find yourself stuck inside a never-ending loop of terror with no escape! 

So, grab your ticket and tuck into your popcorn… the Trailers are about to begin.


Superspark Cinema is back for 2022 and some of the films showing inside have been updated! Some of the replacements include "Ship Happens" being turned into "Ship Still Happens!" "Seven Dolls" into "Eight Dolls" and our favourite "Trouble in the Bayou" which was "Vulcan Voodoo" last year. This year, the park has taken on guests' feedback last year of the maze not really being scary and has ramped up the spookiness of the maze. During our first run-through of the maze, we were amazed at how intense the maze was this year, in most scenes we experienced at least 2 actors. For scenes like Hell Cell, this really made a difference! The most improved room is Trouble in the Bayou, with the table being removed from the centre of the room there's more room to explore and more spaces for the actor to hide and jump out. The story of the maze remains the same, but it's nice to see the park trying to refresh scenes of the maze already to keep it fresh!  


Trailers has returned for another year of movies coming to life and have had some small changes done to the inside of the maze. The pre-show for the attraction has been changed slightly. The receptionist is taken over by the movies and you no longer wait in the cinema room to enter the maze. It's straight into the movies this year!

Throughout the maze, we were constantly surprised by jump scares and the strongest casts we've ever seen inside the maze. All the scenes inside remained the same with some scenes even having 2 or 3 actors on press night. Towards the end of the maze, some of the posters have been changed and have notes over them. In the final corridor scene, some clouds have been installed and the spark machines have been refilled ready for the spooky season. Trailers is always one of our favourite mazes but this year's cast is very talented and experienced. A firm favourite, but we would like to see some of the scenes inside changed for next year as the maze is now 3 years old.