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UG Land

Alton Towers
1999 - 2009

Ug Land was originally known as Festival Park and offered rides such as 1001 Nights, Waveswinger, Spider and the Enterprise - as well as the legendary Corkscrew. The area continued to develop and in 1992 a new attraction called Tri-Star was added to the area, only to be removed the following year. In 1994 Festival Park saw the addition of the Junior Flyer, which is now known as Bouncing Bugs and can be found in Cred Street. In 1999 the Energiser took the place of 1001 nights before being moved to X-Sector in 1998. The Astro Dancers were also installed in 1998 and the area was ready for a re-vamp, which would take place the following year.

In 1999 the area was re-named to Ug-Land and given a prehistoric theme - it was the land where fun began! The attractions remained untouched from the 1998 season but the addition of giant dinosaur bones and a bizarre prehistoric soundtrack created a new atmosphere. The food outlets were majorly revamped as part of the re-theme and named to suit the area. Corkscrew was also given new trains which were more in keeping with the prehistoric setting.

The energiser was moved back to Ug Land in 2001 following the addition of Submission to X-Sector. It was re-named and re-themed to be the Bone Shaker but only lasted for 2 seasons before it experienced major problems in 2003 and was removed by the start of the 2004 season.

Then, in 2005, a rather unexpected roller coaster made an appearance. Rita - Queen of Speed was the first Intimin rocket coaster in the UK and now dominates Ug Land. A whole new atmosphere was created, with the clash of prehistoric and cutting edge forming an interesting combination. One thing is for sure, it brought a new lease of life to Ug Land. The old Ug Land soundtrack was replaced with Thunder Rock Rally Radio, also known as TRRR, which features classic rock songs with funny intervals courtesy of the TRRR presenters.