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Vile Villagers

Chessington World Of Adventures
2021 - 2022

Vile Villagers is located in Wild Woods and can be accessed by walking past The Vampire entrance on the right. In the old location of Haunting Of the Hollows, this scare zone feels more like a mini scare maze. The theming through it is stunning and is one of the most beautiful scare zones we’ve ever seen! So much has gone into this small walkthrough, with scares that really pack a punch. 


Vile Villagers makes a fang-tassic return for Howl’o’ween 2022! This scare zone is one of two attractions to feature live actors and this year the park has decided to run 3 versions of this fantastic scare zone. Two versions of it run during the day aimed at guests aged 8+ between the hours of 12 pm and 3 pm and from 3 pm until the park closes the advised age limit for the attraction increases to 10+. The other version is called after dark which we talk about later in this review. 

This scare zone is highly themed and is a great scare zone full of vampires and villagers trying to protect themselves. Watch out for Vampires, Graveyards and don’t eat anything! You never know what's been used to create the meat pies sold within the village... We absolutely loved Vile Villagers, this scare zone could be an up-charge attraction and we would do it every time! We do wonder how this scare zone will evolve next year with the World Of Jumanji opening in 2023?