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Who Headlines At Wilderfest? You Decide!

Chessington World Of Adventures

Back to thrill the mane stage Mr Fox has returned with 2021's winner DJ Sharky who is back to warm up the crowd and prepare everyone for the time of their lives! Who wins you decide is back for another year and this year's contestants bring fresh new talent. Introducing, Lioness Richie, Skunk182 and Snoop Frogg! 

Just like last year the 3 singers battled it out and sing and dance for their lives and futures. These three new acts also bring with them beautiful costumes, sets and a whole bundle of energy, we of course can't pick favourites.... but we love Skunk182! 

We absolutely loved this year's performance of who wins you decide, it felt like you were in a festival with lots of members of the "crowd" singing along. There was something for everyone! This year's performance felt more like a concert than a show in our opinion. One difference we did notice was that this year the stage was completely blacked out with curtains which isn't a huge change but really makes a difference, rather than the stage just having another show on it, the park has tried to change the stage appearance.