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Who Headlines At Wilderfest? You Decide!

Chessington World Of Adventures

Who wins you decide is back again for 2023 and is a big hit!

TurtleTok is the first act up on the stage who’s been watching and building up her fan base on the popular app TikTok. She’s always one shell ahead of everyone else in the game and is always keeping up to speed with the latest viral songs and dancers. TurtleTok dance set is full of popular sounds from TikTok in 2023 such as musical from the stage musical Matilda. Out of all three acts that performed TurtleTok was our favourite and we can’t wait to see them again.

Making her way from America to London, Dolly Baaarton is making her way to the stage. Cowgirl boots at the ready, Dolly and her friends will dance the night away. The song choices used in the Dolly Baaarton act were really good, and the dancing was great but we wish there was more than 2 songs. A firm favourite in our group! The actress playing the character nailed the accent both times we saw it during the day, it was as if Dolly was actually performing on stage!

He’s put off making a dam for the year and made his way to Chessington to perform, Justin Beaver is our third and final act for 2023. Singing a song with his backing dancers Justin gets the audience ready for a plot twist. He’s back to perform his biggest hit, Baby. Karaoke style!  Justin involves everyone from the audience to join in with him and perform some live karaoke. His two fabulous assistants go into the audience armed with a microphone to get volunteers to help Justin out. We really liked Justin Beaver and it was definitely a cool throwback. It's nice to see a male singer involved in this year’s Wilderfest lineup.

At the end of the performance, it's time to vote for your winner, This is done by clapping, stamping your feet and cheering as loud as you can for your favourite act. Of course, we cheered as loud as we could for TurtleTok! The costumes and dancing in this year’s show were really good, the only thing we would like to see change for next year is maybe to have 4 performers just to get a bit more variety in the show. But this year was definitely our favourite Wilderfest event out of all 3 years so far!