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Wild River Rapids

Lightwater Valley
2009 - 2020

Lightwater Valley can be a little wet 'n' wild should you take a splash on Wild River Rapids. This family-friendly water ride is certainly a ride of two halves, from the elevated turns up above, to the choppy waters that await below!

When you finally reach the end of the 40ft climb, your boat slides into the first of the elevated turns. Skimming on a thin film of water, your boat aquaplanes into a 180-degree turn that triggers the start of your boat spinning around, before straightening out briefly and then dropping into a 360-degree elevated spiral. As the water sloshes up the side of the troughs and the boat is jostled around, you get faster and faster before entering the long straight drop. As the boat gathers speed and the churning waters below get closer, you cower before you hit the water, causing a reasonable splash but falling just short of getting you wet.

Carrying momentum from the drop, the boat turns towards the station, before going around a sweeping 180-degree turn, sending it past a huge water fountain that may trickle into the boat should conditions be windy.