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Wilderfest Groupie Troupe

Chessington World Of Adventures
2021 - 2022

Roaming around the park is the Groupie Troupe, Wilderfest's biggest fans. You will often find them around the mane stage cheering on their favourite acts. With props and groovy costumes, these guys love posing for photos with guests and sometimes even have some "real" animals with them such as a Dragon, Hippo and Pandas! Again we love more entertainment being such a prominent feature of Wilderfest. 


The Groupie Troupe are back for 2022 and has recruited new members! Last year the group consisted of 4 or 5 people. However this year the park has doubled that number to have a huge gang of supporters of Wilderfest. You can catch them roaming around the park during the day until they all meet in Adventure Point where they then do a flash mob and dance to their heart's content! It's great to see the park expanding on what they did in 2021.