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X:\ No Way Out

Thorpe Park
1996 - 2013

The skyline of Thorpe Park Resort changed dramatically in 1996 as the park introduce their most thrilling and ambitious ride to date dubbed X:/No Way Out, located inside a mysterious pyramid at the centre of the park. The ride was the world’s first backwards roller coaster in the dark and featured a storyline based around computer viruses and the dark side of technology in order to appeal to a young teen audience.

The coaster saw many changes throughout its 21 years of operation including a ‘lights-on’ version in 2010 and an even bigger change in 2013 where the trains were switched to be forward facing to take on the track alongside a pumping rave style soundtrack. This remained in place until the end of the 2017 season where the coaster closed for its extensive re-theme to become The Walking Dead: The Ride.