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X Sector Krewe

Alton Towers
2021 - 2022

The party doesn't stop until you've experienced the X Sector Krewe, located in the far corner in front of the Donut Factory. With sparkly costumes and lots of glitter, the Mardi Gras party is fun for all the family. The X Sector Krewe lacks a huge set-piece but cleverly uses the existing building above the doughnut factory and turns it into a DJ booth. Two smaller pods are located in the corner of the dance area however with no staff dancing in them turned into a selfie point for some guests. The costumes in this area were great again but we wish they were more themed into the area, with more smilers colours and maybe an oblivion twist.



The Ministry of Joy have taken over and are dancing their way around the streets of X Sector. With dancing, lots of lights and reflective costumes this krewe is great fun but limited by the small space in front of the Donut Factory. As with other krewes around the park, more staff have been added into the X Sector krewe this year along with a drag queen which we loved seeing in the area. Something completely different to other krewes around the park and definitely added more inclusivity into the area. We would love to see this krewe be relocated to another area of X Sector, maybe if Enterprise was to be removed that space would be a perfect area for a proper stage to be installed.