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New Colossus Track Fitted
Thursday 18th May 2023
The new track pieces for Colossus have been redelivered to Thorpe Park and have been fitted in place ready for testing to begin. The track was delivered and attempted to be fitted a few weeks ago but due to an unknown issue was returned to Taziker for final tweaks to be done.

A few weeks later the track has finally been installed and ride testing will begin shortly. EDIT - the ride has been testing just hours after took these photos.

It's funny to think these new sections of the track are connected up to old original bits of Colossus track originally installed in late 2001 to open to guests in 2002.

These new sections of the track are painted blue and when complete the whole track will be this colour. The only sections we think will remain unpainted will be the lift hill and station as these sections don't receive much stress. 

New Colossus Track Delivered And Installed
Tuesday 21st March 2023
Posted on the Thorpe Park Annual Pass Holder Group, the new Colossus track has been delivered and looks like it's been installed!  

Today we have taken delivery of the shiny new Colossus track  

Here are a few FAQs you may ask:-The track has been manufactured by Taziker-The grey track you saw this weekend was the original track. This was re-installed temporarily so we were able to complete winter maintenance checks on the trains. To model the new track the original had to be sand-basted to remove the paint - so a grey primer was added whilst we tested.-This is the first section of the track to be installed as part of a large multi-year project. Naturally, the fresh track will stand out until we have completed the project.

-We can't confirm an opening date yet as the ride must undergo final testing with the new track in place.

Colossus Being Retracked During Closed Season
Thursday 12th January 2023
Thorpe Park has today posted a video and photos showing off work happening to Colossus.

It would appear that the ride will be undergoing a major re-tracking for the 2023 theme park season.

It's unclear how much of the ride will be re-tracked but it's great to see the park taking extra care of these older rollercoasters.