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Jungle Bus Returns To Chessington
Saturday 3rd September 2022
Parts to rebuild Jungle Bus at Chessington World of Adventures have finally been delivered and are currently sitting in one of the old car parks.

Fenced off from the public we can see a refurbished Jungle Bus Tours ride vehicle and the ride's main hub/mechanisms for the ride sat waiting to be installed. 

At Wild Asia where the ride once stood, more parts of the ride can be seen ready to reinstall. Freshly painted the ride looks amazing, however, we expect that this ride won't reopen this year and it will be back up and running for the 2023 season.  

Chessington Jungle Bus Removed And New Foundations Installed
Saturday 13th August 2022
At the start of the 2022 season, it was announced that Jungle Bus wouldn't be reopening due to undisclosed reasons. 

However, over the past few weeks the park has been working on replacing the attraction with a brand new flat ride. The old ride and theming has now been removed and new foundations for a new attraction have been poured. 

No information is known about this new ride but we expect it will be a newer version of the ride that was already there. 

Jungle Bus To Remain Closed During 2022 Season
Sunday 13th March 2022
Jungle Bus at Chessington looks to be closed for the 2022 season, the ride has been fully dismantled with a fence installed around the ride. 

The attraction has also been removed from all of the park maps and queue time boards.