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Ninjago World Officially Opens At Legoland Windsor
Tuesday 30th May 2017
Ninjago World is now open at Legoland Windsor Resort. With the project still looking weeks off in our last update we where surprised the park managed to pull it off in such a short space of time. Although it appears theres still a few things left to complete in the area the ride was much better than we thought it was going to be. 

Built by Triotech the ride is a clone of the one in Legoland Billund. Fun for both kids and adults the ride is fun for all the family. Although the ride is another dark ride shooting game, the ride implements a different shooting style technique. Using your hands above a laser which shoots bursts of air you score points by throwing virtual balls at objects on the 3D screens. 

The TPG Team will be on park on Saturday 3rd reporting live on the TPG Live platform.

Ninjago World Less Than A Week From Opening
Saturday 20th May 2017
Lego Ninjago World at Legoland Windsor Resort is less than a week away from opening its doors to the public. With the ride advertised to open on 26th May theres a lot left to do until the new area is ready, from taking down the scaffolding to finishing off building the paths and finishing off the queue lines. 

The area was a hive of activity today during our visit to the park. With the entrance archway and signage put up in the area we definitely think it's doable! However its looking like theres going to be a lot of late nights for some of the construction team. During the day we saw lots of progress with the building being repainted in some areas and a roof being put up on top of one of the structures in the area.

The stage over in the Miniland area has also received some work over the past few weeks to reflect the new ride. We suspect that the park will put on a new show on peak days.

Being a clone of the ride from other Lego theme parks the ride is nothing new but will be the newest ride built at the park since Mia’s Riding Adventure. Hopefully this will be the start of a lot of new adventures at Legoland Windsor.

Opening May 2017 Lego Ninjago Ride Update
Sunday 30th April 2017
Over at Legoland Windsor the park are still making the final finishing touches to there new area for 2017, Ninjago World. Featuring two rides one new and the other rethemed to fit in with the new area the land marks a multi million pound investment. Built on the land that used to be Loki’s Labyrinth the new dark ride will be the parks second shooting dark ride however with a different technique of shooting at stuff. In this ride you will use your hands instead of using hairdryer laser guns. 

Work has progressed well since our last update on the project back in March. The building now has now been themed around the sides so that whilst your riding Vikings River Splash it isn't such an eye sore. Along new new lighting poles being installed the front of the building is starting to take shape. Along the side of the site the old Longboat invader has had a paint job whilst its been dismantled and is currently being reinstalled in its new location. 

No opening date for the ride or area has been set yet however on the Legoland Holidays site the park are saying May.

Building Foundations Are Down!
Saturday 5th November 2016
Not a lot of photos from todays update however you can just make out on the last photo the foundations for the building have been poured over the past few days. Hopefully by the time the Christmas event begins we should have some more progress on site! Then a building structure come the main season. 

Ground Works Continue
Wednesday 28th September 2016
Work at Legoland Windsor Resort stops for no body with work on building the new Castle themed hotel  and new Lego Ninjago Master Of Spinjitzu ride going at the speed of light! Less than a month ago the hedge maze (Loki’s Labyrinth) at the park was closed and over the past few weeks the site has been cleared for ground works to begin.

Today the site is completely unrecognisable! Since our last visit to the park construction fences have been replaced with wooden boards with advertising for the new ride plastered all over them. Interestingly the advertising boards say “New World Coming 2017” could this mean Land Of The Vikings is being rethemed?! 

Loki’s Labyrinth Demolished
Sunday 11th September 2016
Work has started on the parks next big attraction, set to be a Lego Ninjago Dark Ride. Being put in the place of the old Loki’s Labyrinth and Longboat Invader the attraction will a replica of the Lego Ninjago ride that recently opened at Legoland Billund? The park map also reflects this change of ride line up with the maze and longboat invader taken off of the map. With a “Arriving 2017” sticker placed over the two rides.

Loki’s Labyrinth and Longboat Invader closed on Tuesday with nothing posted on the resort’s social media pages or website! Since then work to remove the two attractions and prepare the site ready for foundations has commenced. In just under a week the old maze entrance and water fountain area are both completely unrecognisable!! Its like they've driven a massive bulldozer through the site to flatter the area. 

The footpaths looking into the site currently just have normal construction fences meaning you can see everything going on. We expect over the next few days wooden fences will be put up and marketing material will be put on it to stop guests looking at the building site. 

Plans For Lego Ninjago Ride Approved
Tuesday 5th July 2016
Back in March 2016 we reported Legoland Windsor Resort had applied for planning permission to build a new attraction in the space currently occupied by Loki's Labyrinth. We expect the attraction will be similar to the Lego Ningio Ride that recently opened in Legoland Florida and Billund.

It would seem that over the past week or so, the park have been given the green light to build the attraction. Previously the park has had issues trying to build new rides and attractions however it would seem the council are now on the parks side.

Councils planning website:

Application Number: 16/00851/FULL

Plans For New Legoland Ride Submitted
Tuesday 29th March 2016
Legoland Windsor Resort have recently put in planning permission for a brand new attraction. Situated on the current Loki's Labyrinth maze. The application description gives us the following information: 

“Development of a new ride to replace the existing Loki's Labyrinth attraction, including erection of new building, entrance portal, courtyard, temple and associated queue line, infrastructure and landscaping”

With the address on the application saying “Ninjago Legoland Winkfield Road Windsor” we can expect that the ride will have a Ninjago theme. In the past year Legoland opened a LEGO Ninjago attraction at the Legoland Billund theme park. The ride features sections where guests use their hands to control certain elements during the ride. 

With the new ride being hosted on the Loki's Labyrinth maze site the attraction would also see the movement of Longboat Invader to another area of the park. If the ride was to go ahead with the Ninjago theme this could mean Vikings River Splash and Spinning Spider could be in with a chance of getting a retheme since the Land of the Vikings LEGO sets are no longer available. If approved by the local authorities we would expect the attraction to open along side the hotel in 2017. 

Application Number: 16/00851/FULL