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Lego Adventure Golf Prepares To Open
Sunday 24th September 2023
Legoland Adventure Golf is just days away from opening to the public! Opening on 7th October 2023 this new golf course located outside the park entrance is bursting with fun and waiting to be explored.

Construction fences have started to come down around the golf course and a new parking area for the Golf is being built across the road in the old staff car park area.

Since our last look at the golf course, more theming has been added to the building. Fake Lego bricks have been added to the outside of the building along with posters added to the front of the building. Plants and smaller bits of theming have been added outside the entrance plaza as well.

We can't wait to get inside and see how it looks! 

Swing into a new adventure At Legoland Windsor
Monday 11th September 2023
This autumn, tee off at LEGOLAND® Adventure Golf - the world’s first LEGO® themed indoor golf experience ‘fore’ the whole family. With 4 different LEGO themed courses to master, each one is a ‘hole’ other level of fun! Opening 7th October Legoland Adventure golf is located outside the park gate.

Pirate Voyage

Ahoy there! It’s time to putt with pirates over 9 arrr-mazing holes including a mermaid cove with a tidal wave obstacle, a pirate hot tub complete with rubby duckys, and even a giant octopus to contend with!

Lego City Adventure

Take the putter and drive into the world of LEGO® City! This course is full of chaos with building sites, police and firefighter heroes, and even a stunt show for you to master over 9 holes of fun.

Medieval Mayhem

Hail villagers! In this medieval course you shall find brave knights, wonderful wizards and even a dragon with awesome obstacles along the way.

Space Mission

Enter the space mission course and come face to face with obstacles from a whole other galaxy! Aliens, astronauts and even a space station await players that want an out of this world experience! 

Lego Adventure Golf August 2023 Update
Monday 28th August 2023
Construction work on the Lego Adventure Golf is continuing, the attraction should have been open and ready for the summer 2023 season but delays have meant the opening date for the new golf course has been pushed back to October this year. Posters advertising the new golf course have been installed around the park.

At the construction site, the building is now fully enclosed meaning there's no way to see inside and see how the attraction is progressing. However, peering in through the front entrance it looks like work on installing the courses has begun.

At the front of the building new concrete bases for what we expect will become the top of Lego Bricks have been poured. We can't wait to see this attraction open! 

Legoland Windsor Adventure Golf July 2023 Update
Sunday 30th July 2023
Legoland Windsor Adventure Golf was due to open on the 31st of July 2023 but has now been pushed back to later in the season. Work on building this fantastic new indoor golf course is still underway. Inside the building, everything remains very flat with no courses installed yet. It would appear that work on installing aircon into the new building is still ongoing. With huge metal pipes on the ground waiting to be installed.

At the entrance for Adventure Golf, blue metal framework has been added ready for theming and banners to be installed.  Paths into the attraction have also been installed over the past few weeks. We can't wait to see this attraction come to life. Paired with the new Woodland Village it should make a great addition to the resort. 

Lego Adventure Golf One Step Closer
Friday 23rd June 2023
Work on the new Legoland Windsor Adventure Golf has progressed rapidly since our last visit to the park back in March. The building is now built with the roof and sides of the building installed. Inside though, it's a very different story, the building is a fresh canvas waiting for the golf courses and theming to be installed.

Set to open in 36 days it could be a stretch! Doors can be seen on the front of the building ready for the first guests. Pipes can be seen outside of the building and aircon specialists can be spotted inside fitting aircon. You wouldn't want to play minigolf on a hot summer's day with no aircon. 

Legoland Adventure Golf Construction Continues
Tuesday 4th April 2023
LEGOLAND Adventure Golf is teeing off on 29th July 2023 at Legoland Windsor Resort and there is lots left to do until the new golf course opens to the public.

Since our last look at the plot of land / old premium car park, more ground works have been done and we can now see anchor points for the metal framework for the building to sit on.

New banners have also been installed around the construction site advertising the new attraction.

It’s great to see more activities being installed outside the park ready for when the new accommodation opens.