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Legoland Castle Hotel Opens To Guests
Saturday 1st July 2017
Legoland Windsor's newest hotel themed around the Knights Kingdom Castle has opened to guests today. 

The hotel has 61-rooms where families can choose between two room types, Knights or Wizards - each with separate sleeping areas for adults and children.

Situated right on the edge of the theme park next to the existing Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel, the Legoland Castle Hotel will bring to life an enchanted world of brave knights and princesses, wizards and jesters.

Castle Construction Update - 27th May 2017
Saturday 27th May 2017
It's one final push at The Castle Hotel, to get everything ready for opening day in a few weeks time. The patio area is still being worked on and the main entrance feature appears to be done, with only the gates left to be installed. Looking into some of the windows, it appears work on building the bunk beds and furniture has begun. 

Castle Construction Update - 20th May 2017
Saturday 20th May 2017
Work is continuing to get the hotel ready for a summer opening. Theming continues to be installed on the outside of the hotel. We can't see any of the work going on inside but with the building being water tight for so long now, we expect it to be quite far ahead! But, the fire exit stairs appear to still be missing on the side of the building. 

Castle Hotel Build Update
Monday 1st May 2017
Castle Hotel at Legoland is due to open very soon, dated to open on 1st July 2017 theres still a lot of work left to do until opening day! However the hotel is looking great from across the lake. Work on the inside of the hotel looks almost complete with attention now progressing to the outside patio area. 

The castle hotel isn't the only hotel receiving some work, over at the Legoland Hotel the park have extended the sides slightly. For what we assume will be extensions to the two restaurants in the hotel. 

One thing we also noticed during our walk around of the park was that sections of the old Dino Safari track still exist. Along with the models and signs in the ride area. A couple of days ago if you visited the park and had a look through the fence you would have seen the old Dino Safari queue time board still up. However the board has now been taken down and put on the floor.

Castle Construction Update - 4th March 2017
Monday 3rd April 2017
Over the closed season, work on the hotel has continued. With elements of the castle facade installed and windows installed, at the entrance to the hotel, we can see two turrets both sides of the doors. 

Over the closed season, the Legoland Hotel has also had a slight extension, with the bar and the restaurant being extended to hold more people. 

Castle Hotel Build Update
Wednesday 28th September 2016
Over by Atlantis the new castle hotel has gone vertical! Work on the metal structure has begun and it looks like it wont be long until the rest of the structure is completed. The hotel is expected to be open by summer 2017. 

“Please be aware that our Master Builders are building an amazing new LEGOLAND Castle themed Hotel, ready to open in summer 2017. The Master Builders may start working each morning around 7am, but have promised to be as quiet as possible during your stay. To get ready for this exciting addition we will be making improvements to the existing Hotel this includes extending and improving our restaurant facilities.”

Castle Construction Update - 15th May 2016
Wednesday 15th June 2016
Since our last visit to Legoland Windsor, signs have been instaled on the walls around Dino Safari advertising the new hotel with key visuals on what it will look like when completed. 

The old Dino Safari ride cars have now been removed, however, the station and some of the rides theming and buildings are still in place. 

Dino Safari Permanently Closed
Saturday 5th March 2016
Dino Safari at Legoland Windsor Resort has permanently closed following the approval of the plans to build a second hotel on park. The location of the second hotel will be on top of the ride which reviews the removal of the ride and re routing of the broad walk path. The hotel looks due to open Summer 2017. Fences have been put up around the ride and the ride has been removed from the website and park map. We will be following the construction for the hotel in the next few up and coming months on our Facebook page and website.