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Ride Opens To Public
Saturday 10th March 2012
Today The Swarm has opened to the general public! Getting queues in excess of 2 hours + the ride has gone down a big hit with both theme park fans and the general public. With the theming being the best we've ever seen Merlin do we've now got high hopes for the future of Thorpe Park. 

Swarm Test Victims
Thursday 23rd February 2012
The Swarm at Thorpe Park has now had its first official test victims. Four of the red arrow pilots have been put to there limit recently where they went on The Swarm and gave a short review of the ride on Thorpe Park’s Facebook page. In these photos we can see the station has now been completed and is looking brilliant. The flooring of the station is stone giving the station a better church effect, however one downside to The Swarm station it that there is no roof meaning that its going to be exposed to the elements of the British weather hence why there are drains in the station next to the track. 


Premier Screaming Event
Friday 17th February 2012
The Swarm premier screaming event, from Thursday 15th March 2012 until Sunday 18th March 2012 Thorpe Park are going to be hosting a event that there called a premier screaming event they have said, “Dust off your tux or your little black dress because you’re invited to the “Premiere Screaming’ of The Swarm” Its currently unknown what the park are doing during this event but all they are telling us right now is, “Experience a premiere with a twist as the red carpet is rolled out and The Swarm comes to life to begin its mission of complete annihilation” Now what is this “twist” going to be??? Are Thorpe Park talking about the ride or a twist to the event only time shall tell. We shall keep you updated on this event when we get the news! 


Another Theming Delivery
Wednesday 1st February 2012
The satellite dish has finally been delivered to the park where it is currently sitting on the ground waiting for the building to be constructed where it will then sit on top and hopefully have some cool sound effects to go with it. The second and third photo that we have got sees the block brick paving being started and the fencing that surrounds the island being completed. The fast track queue line has also started to be constructed as it is the closest queue line to the main entrance of the ride, it is currently unknown if the swarm is going to have a single rider queue line but the entrance does have 3 lanes so it does look hopeful for a single rider, fastrack and queue line.


Ride Testing Begins
Saturday 14th January 2012
Photographic proof that The Swarm at Thorpe Park is finally testing. After the trains being shown off only 4 days ago today we see photos put online by Thorpe Park Mania of the ride testing. Its currently unknown when the ride started testing but by the looks of it the ride seems to be running fine, now the ride cars have 7 rows on each train meaning that each train is able to carry 28 people per train. We can only hope that a video of the ride testing comes online in the next few days as a video will show us how fast the ride goes down the first drop and the speed at other points on the ride. Photos copyright to Thorpe Park Mania.

The Swarm Trains
Tuesday 10th January 2012
Its the update everyone has been waiting for, no its not the opening day quite yet but we've got something that is just as good. The swarm trains have now been released to the public and wow dont they look nice. At the front of the train we see a figure which looks like something out of the transformers movie with huge red LED lights that are shaped like eyes. Now on the side of the train we have a logo that seems to be all over the ride now its unknown if this is the ride logo or if its just the swarms trade mark but still its pretty cool. The wheels for the ride look quite big and the under carriage wheels are normal size but one thing is sure this ride really does look great and all of us at theme park guide cant wait for this ride to open.


Station Update
Tuesday 3rd January 2012
Since our last update we have seen the stained glassed windows completed and the control box in the station started. Now the plastic that used to be over the track in the station has been removed so could this be a sign that the station isn't going to have a roof? Were currently unsure if the station is going to have a roof but it seems silly to keep the station uncovered so it could be done in the next few weeks. Also since our last update the fire truck that was blown up during the firework event has been put in place and all of the plane's have been finished only the painting of the main plane is left to do. 


The Church / Station Update
Wednesday 21st December 2011
Today brings a new update from the swarm site and today we get a update on the station / the church. Wooden theming has been added to the supports and the wood has now started to be painted black. Now the stairs for the other side of the station are fully under way now as seen in the second photo. The huge stain glass window on the entrance back into the station has also been started in the last few weeks and look ready for the glass to be put in if the park are doing glass in it. When you re-enter the station the theming on the outside is looking almost done it just looks like they need to paint it and add some more bits here and there. But overall the site is looking really good so far and this is definitely the best theming we have seen so far in a UK park in a long time!


Theming Update
Saturday 3rd December 2011
We're only a month into the closed season and the theming of the swarm has already rapidly progressed over the past few weeks. The photo which shows the plane and the track near miss section looks fantastic! Now its un-known if these plane engines are going to be moving but its almost confirmed that in this section there's going to be smoke and maybe fire effects we hope. The only down side to this section is the trim brake in the tunnel like area but it looks like it could just be a health and safety thing just in case there's a problem and the train needs to stop. 


Build Update
Tuesday 22nd November 2011
Its only been a couple of days since the developers diary uploaded an update and theres already another set of photos from them. The park is working on the clearance of the ride where the park have a 2D metal frame making sure that the theming isn't going to hit people on the ride as they go rawring past... also in one off the photos we can see in the bottom left that the stairs is being worked on which are going to be used to transport people from one side of the station to the other as it is a two sided station. The theming around the head chopper section looks to be being started as more frame work has been added since the park has been shut. However one thing is for sure by the looks of the photos that we have seen though out the year this ride really is going to be worth the wait.