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The Walking Dead The Ride Launches At Thorpe Park
Thursday 29th March 2018
The Walking Dead The Ride had its vip press launch this evening. 2018 is the year of the walking dead at Thorpe Park Resort and X has been transformed into a safe zone for those who seek refuge from the zombies. Now called ‘The Walking Dead The Ride’ turned into more of an experience from the moment you enter the building from the second you leave the building to collect your bag the whole thing is none stop action. 

The night started with celebrity’s and guests getting up close and personal to some roaming zombies in the dome along with dumping into UK Negan with Lucille. Some of the celebrity’s attending the event where Will Mellow (Two Pint of Lager and a packet of crisps) and Johnny Vegas to name a few. With food and drink laid on in fins bar and grill, the bar had a special drink on offer for the night called “The Apocalypse” 

The new ride opened at around 8 pm to the press and we were one of the first few groups through the new attraction. As soon as you enter the queue line we noticed the words “TP Safe Zone” painted on the building along with the new watchtower theming where the old X pyramid used to stand. In and around the queue line signs saying “Welcome to the Thorpe Park safe zone” and “Keep going only thing here 4 you is trouble”. On the entrance of the watchtower are signs saying TP Safe Zone registration which sets the pre-show up nicely. 

Walking Dead The Ride Theming - A Closer Look
Sunday 25th March 2018
Since our last look at The Walking Dead The Ride on open day, the gates into the area have been closed and we can now see what is written in "blood" The words "Away With You" can be seen written on the gates to disperse anyone that may try enter the TP Safe Zone. No other signs for the ride have been added yet, over the next few days we expect the queue time and ride restrictions sign will be added. 

First Look At Walking Dead The Ride Construction
Friday 23rd March 2018
Today is the first day of the season at Thorpe Park which means it's our first chance to take a look at the retheme of X being turned into The Walking Dead The Ride. 

The entrance pyramid of X has been removed and a new watchtower has been installed which could also contain a new preshow for the ride. 

All of the old theming for X of the concrete pillars look to have been removed and replaced with new theming. A huge new gate and sign for Walking Dead The Ride has been added and a new queue line has been installed. The words TP Safe Zone has also been painted onto the side of the ride building. 

We look forward to riding it and seeing what other changes have taken place inside the pirmid. 


The Walking Dead The Ride Announcement
Tuesday 20th February 2018
New For 2018 at Thorpe Park Resort: The Walking Dead The Ride 

Out with the old in with the new. X is no more! Back in December, we reported that the entrance portal to the old ride had been removed to make way for something new and exciting. The park has been overrun by walkers and there is only one goal and that is to survive. Head to the center of the island and take shelter in the indoor bunker. Keep your head down and move quickly for your best chance of survival. 


For the first time ever experience The Walking Dead The Ride. Those who ride…survive!

The artwork for the attraction makes it look heavily themed with the possibility of new trains with lights on the front of them. If the indoor maze is anything to go by the walking dead the ride should be really well themed. 

Thorpe Park Submit Plans For Walking Dead Retheme To X
Friday 1st December 2017
Thorpe Park has submitted plans for a retheme of the popular attraction X. The plans show the theming at the entrance of the ride being removed and a new watchtower and a pre-show to replace it. 

On the plans the letters WD which we think stands for Walking Dead can be seen, with the theme of Fright Nights changed to The Walking Dead IP we strongly suspect the new theme of the ride will be Walking Dead inspired. 

Planning Document Notes:

Works related to the re-theming of the existing No Way Out attraction including the demolition of the existing entrance portal, construction of a replacement entrance portal in the form of a watchtower with associated theming, erection of enclosure fencing with queue line and feature gate, and other minor landscaping alterations.

Is This The End Of X?
Friday 17th November 2017
It would appear X is getting some intensive work this closed season at Thorpe Park. The front of the X pyramid had a portal which since the park closed has been removed!

Comparing the two photos one from last year and the other from today there's clearly something going on. 

Could this just be maintenance or a retheme of the popular ride?