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A Splash Of Colour Added To Graffiti Mural
Wednesday 23rd March 2022
A splash of colour has been added to the Graffiti Wall that was created by a local graffiti artist during the 2021 Park Vibes event. The walls to the left and right of the art piece were previously white and a bit run down so the park has taken the decision to repaint them both black and add a splash of colour to an area. 

It also makes for a great photo wall! It's a shame so many arcade crane machines have been put in front of the wall. 

Oktoberfest Stage Built In Front Of Graffiti Mural
Thursday 5th August 2021
The stage for Oktoberfest has started to be built at Thorpe Park. Located in The Dockyard area the stage is in front of the new graffiti wall. Blocking the view of the finished product it's a shame that this wall will only be particularly visible for most of the year. 


Graffiti Mural Colossus Mistake Fixed
Sunday 1st August 2021
When the scaffolding came down a small mistake was spotted on the Graffiti Mural, Colossus has been spelt wrong. However, with the wall still unfinished and one big cherry picker, this mistake has now been fixed. 

Graffiti Mural Revelled As Scaffolding Comes Down
Friday 30th July 2021
The scaffolding around the new spray paint wall part of ParkVibes has come down revealing the new graffiti wall. 

The piece doesnt look finished yet at the bottom with the words Park on the bottom right, we expect that in the next few days the work Thorpe will be added to the bottom left.

The park has chosen to have 4 of its major rides added to the wall, along with some small icons such as a Donut, Palm Tree and bolt of lighting. With a small spelling mistake spotted on the Colossus section, we expect that this will also be corrected soon. 

Hopefully in the closed season the whole wall will be painted black so it blends in a bit better. 

Thorpe Park Graffiti Wall Almost Complete
Sunday 25th July 2021
Work on the Graffiti Wall in the Dock Yard area is almost complete! Since our last look at this mural, another ride has been spray-painted onto the wall. The Swarm can now be seen in the bottom right, with a fly and a spray can around it. All of the other rollercoasters names in the other 3 corners now look to be complete. With smaller objects now being sprayed onto the wall such as a love heart, doughnut, inflatable animal, leaf and a slice of melon! 

At the bottom of the artwork, we also spotted the artist Sophy Robson working on a section that says "Park".  When chatting to her about the graffiti wall, she said that at the bottom of the wall it will say Thorpe on the left and Park on the right, with fire exit doors of the arcade in the middle.  

This artwork is highly detailed and we can't wait for the scaffolding to come down. Hopefully, with the event extended now, the other walls can be painted black and more artwork added to bring some more colour to the island. 

With the stage for Octokberfest and Fright Nights normally going up in front of this artwork, we hope that the stage is relocated under the Nemesis Inferno drop to allow guests to see it properly. 

Dock Yard Spray Paint Wall Update
Monday 12th July 2021
Work is continuing on the spray paint wall outside the dockyard. Since our last visit to the park more of the Thorpe Park logo in the background has been spraypainted. Along with more detail added to the plane on the wall and the names of the coaster in the corners of the artwork. We cant wait to see this completed. 

Work Beings On Thorpe Park Graffiti Mural
Sunday 4th July 2021
Work has begun on the graffiti memorial located outside Derren Browns Ghost train. As part of ParkVibes, a local graffiti artist Sophy Robson is spraypainting a huge piece on the side of the arcade building. 

Since our last visit to the park, we can already see a glimpse into the final design. The main part centrepiece appears to be the Thorpe Park logo with 4 of the parks rides in each corner. So far we can already see Stealth, Colossus and Nemesis Inferno spray painted into the corners. With a plane and some other small designs around it, we cant wait to see the final piece when it's done. 

With the wall still left blank to the right of this memorial, we wonder if this piece will be expanded when it's done. 

New Graffiti Artist Wall At Thorpe Park
Thursday 24th June 2021
One area at Thorpe Park is receiving some love during the ParkVibes event, one of the walls of the arcade building in the Amity area has been painted black and a new graffiti wall is going to be spray painted over the next 4 weeks!  

Located next to Derren Browns Ghost train, the theme and design of the wall remains unknown. But we cant wait to see how this turns out.