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Chandeliers Return To Vampire Station

Chessington World Of Adventures
Thursday 30th May 2024

Two weeks ago, Chessington posted on their social media channels about something big happening to the station for The Vampire. And at the weekend we finally got to see the brand new chandeliers in the Vampire station.

A few years ago, the old hanging chandeliers for the ride were removed due to unknown reasons. These later turned up during a Halloween event in Adventure Point and were used as pieces of theming.

Fast forward to 2024 and Chessington is putting the theming back in theme park again. Three new chandeliers can be seen hanging from the roof of the station bringing what was once a very empty-looking ride station back into life again. Back with the original lights, these have been restored over the past few months. Complete with more spotlights to light up the artwork on the walls of the station it's great to see the station looking fresh and spooky again.

The Vampire has received a lot of love in the past few years, with the animatronic in the queue line being stripped back and refurbished, new audio made for the ride station and new lights being installed to show off the organist.

With The Vampire now reaching an age of 34 years old we wonder if the ride might receive the Nemesis Reborn treatment and get a full re-track and new trains again.