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Hyperia 10th June 2024 Testing Continues Reopening Soon?

Thorpe Park
Monday 10th June 2024

Last week we reported that Mack Rides and Thorpe Park were working hard behind the scenes to reopen Hyperia. Since then the ride has been testing and today the ride had its first riders since it closed. Staff and engineers were seen riding the ride during the morning today leading to some people thinking the ride could soft open and open again very very soon.

The queue times sign at the entrance of the ride still states the ride is closed and is testing only.

Over in the shop, a few new items of merchandise have been released, a bag, a new mug and some wings branded to the 4 colour schemes/icons of the ride. These tribes and names of Hyperia can seen in the shop. Lifehacker, Spritualist, Hellraiser and Trailerblazer are now written above the merchendise.

No communications from the park about the ride reopens have been released yet. But we don't think it will be long until Hyperia is back open to the public.