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Hyperia 2 Days Till Opening

Thorpe Park
Wednesday 22nd May 2024

It's two days until Hyperia opens at Thorpe Park and work is underway to finish off the area. The plaza of the ride is busy with construction workers building a stage for an opening ceremony along with others working on finishing off the queue line, pathway and final finishing touches. 

Since our update on Sunday, a test seat for the rollercoaster has been installed at the entrance along with the ride restrictions board, height stick and queue time screen. TVs have also been installed in the queue line which will be showing guests the story of Hyperia. 

The pathway into the plaza has also been completed with a set of wings installed in the pathway as you enter the entrance plaza for the ride. 

A temporary queue line for the ride is being built down the old Saw Alive pathway. A tent structure can be seen being installed to help shelter guests from the great British weather. 

It's amazing how quickly the park and teams have turned around this area. 

We can't wait to experience Hyperia! 

Join us live from the press night for Hyperia over on our live blog system on Thursday 23rd May from 5 pm.