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Hyperia Brake Run And Catwalk Completed

Thorpe Park
Sunday 19th November 2023

Work on Hyperia continues to power through the great British weather, over the past week, the weather down south has been wet and miserable. But that hasn't stopped work on building Hyperia!

Since our last look at the construction site, more of the old train shed has been removed and it looks like the old Platform 15 / Canada Creek Railway route is being dug up for new pipes to be installed.

The biggest change though is that the brake run is now complete! Sections of the brake run track were lifted into place on Friday afternoon and since then workers have been hard at work lifting into place sections of the catwalk that runs alongside the track. This will be used to evacuate the train and to check the breaks. It's amazing how fast this rollercoaster is coming together!

More supports have been delivered to the construction site with some installed just in front of the station with more sat on the ground waiting to be installed during the week.

Work on the station building continues with the roof now on the building and stairs being added to the building. The entrance and exit steps have now been installed, with work on the emergency exit stairs on the other side of the station happening during the day today.

With work slowly progressing on the track layout, the rides PLC control system is being installed below the station. To prevent the ride control system from getting damaged if the area floods, the control system is raised off of the floor.

By looking at the progress being made, we think we could see the ride open as early as May 2024. 

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