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Hyperia Huge Crane Arrives And First Drop Install Continues

Thorpe Park
Tuesday 27th February 2024

Hyperia at Thorpe Park has entered the final phase of construction. A huge crane has been delivered to the site and assembled. And has already started installing taller sections of supports previously unreachable by the smaller cranes previously seen on site.

Work on installing more supports for the first drop began today with around 5/6 supports installed during the day. Over the next few days and possibly into next week this crane is going to be expensive to rent so we expect the construction crews working on Hyperia will be working fast!

Other small bits we noticed, more parts for the top of the lift have been installed. More supports can be seen on the ground outside the shop. And more gold theming has been installed on the left-hand side of the station.

We’ll be back very soon to check on the progress of Hyperia and see what this huge crane does next.