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Hyperia Lift Hill Nears Competition

Thorpe Park
Sunday 25th February 2024

The lift hill for Hyperia stands at just over halfway completed and this week a huge crane is being delivered to the site to complete the lift hill and drop for Hyperia.  

Over the past few days, all of the catwalks for the lift hill installed so far has been installed and preparations for the topping off of the rollercoaster has begun. The top of the lift hill and maintenance platform underneath it have been delivered to the site and placed just outside of the new shop and building offices. This will be assembled on the ground before being lifted into place as one big install.

Spotted on the lift hill, lights and a control panel have already been installed. The team arnt sitting around! This week could be the week we finally see Hyperia completed and then the next big stage will be the train being delivered.

Work on wiring up the rollercoaster is underway with cables seen hanging from supports in the maintenance bay and the station. It would also appear that construction fences around the ride are being removed.

This week is set to be a big week for Hyperia!