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Hyperia One Final Construction Update Before Open Day

Thorpe Park
Sunday 19th May 2024

It's time for one final update for Hyperia at Thorpe Park before the ride officially opens on Friday 24th May 2024.  

We've been there from the start, at the public consultation, when the diggers moved into Old Town and removed Loggers Leap and the first and last sections of track and supports getting installed. 

It's been amazing to see this area go from abandoned to a brand new area with a state-of-the-art rollercoaster.

There is still a lot of work left to be done until open day though. The floor for the plaza is almost complete and is waiting for the top coat to be applied. Plants, rocks and bark have been installed in the plaza and area. 

Since our last update, the letters for the Hyperia sign have been installed. The entrance sign looks amazing! Signs for the shop and refresh and refill station have also been installed along with some golf theming on the outside of the shop building. Speakers and fence installation for the queue line is a work in progress but we don't expect this will take long to complete. 

Testing and programming of the splash-down water effect for the ride has also been seen testing today. For every train that was dispatched the water effect got closer and closer to being more accurate to a real-life splash-down effect. 

A new "236 Fearless Gallery" sign has been installed on the photo collection building and shop. Management for the park could be seen going in and out of the new shop this afternoon. 

A huge temporary fence delivery can be seen outside Zodiac ready to be installed down the old Saw Alive plaza.

It's time to find our fearless...