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Hyperia Pathways Dug Out And Fences Installed

Thorpe Park
Saturday 30th March 2024

With an opening date now set for Hyperia work on the queue line and ride area fencing has begun. Fence posts have been installed and during the day yesterday fences were installed creating the ride area for Hyperia.

Once this ride area is secure then the most exciting part can begin, testing! Danger of death signs have also been installed yesterday afternoon, warning guests not to enter this area. These new signs and new black cloth have been added to construction fences around the Hyperia construction site.

Some parts for Hyperia are being stored in the storage yard next to Trailers. The airgates for the rollercoaster can be spotted along with parts for the lift hill chain mechanism. The airgates for the ride have a jet-black colour scheme which we love.

Meanwhile, around the rest of the site, pathways for the queue line have been dug out and fences have been installed on the stairs into the station.  Work on wiring up the lift hill motor was also taking place yesterday. On the lift hill, brackets for cameras have been added and at the top of the lift, a wind sensor has been installed.

We're one step closer to seeing Hyperia test.  

But we're still missing the trains. We wonder when these might be delivered to the site. From what we understand these trains are now on site and waiting to be transferred to the maintenance bay.

It's just 55 days until Hyperia opens on 24th May 2024.